Emergency Basic Income

An Emergency Basic income is an urgent and necessary policy option for governments facing the Covid-19 challenge. This is a platform for collectivisation and mobilisation for activists, academics and concerned citizens globally. The economic fallouts of the pandemic has threatened the incomes and livelihoods of billions. In this context, we believe that an EBI is the best rapid response to the billions of vulnerable who are struggling to put a meal on the table. Some governments have already announced an EBI to their citizens, while others are still considering it.

This platform brings together will share and make use of resources provided here and push our governments to enact an EBI. Long-winded governmental actions that can potentially leave out millions who need protection have no place in our current situation.

We will continue to update the website with news, resources and reports on actions undertaken in this mission.

A simple, yet radical idea for security and transformation

A world where people earn incomes to sustain from one meal to the next and security is already membrane thin, we’ve been hit by a health, political and economic crisis that threatens the lives of millions.

Why EBI?

With billions of lives being threatened by the loss of jobs and income due to Covid-19, an emergency basic income can provide money for sustenance to the most vulnerable.

What is the movement?

The EBI movement brings together knowledge, individuals and organisations, globally to push governments to enact an emergency basic income to protect its citizens, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What can be found here?

This website contains a host of resources that help build/strengthen an EBI campaign in your country. Additionally it also gives citizens, activists and academics the ability to join this global movement, and connect with various different country campaigns.

Talk to us

We are looking to build a coalition of like-minded individuals and organisations with whom we can build a symbiotic relationship of learning and actions. Reach out to us if you would like us to share material, or just to say hello!